Comprehensive Family Law Assistance from an Experienced Divorce Lawyer

Get the help of a committed family law attorney from Wagner Law Firm, P.C. in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, to resolve issues arising from separation and divorce. 

Signing a Divorce Paper

Collaborative Family Law
Using the collaborative law approach puts the decision-making entirely in the hands of the parties involved. It also empowers clients to follow through with their cases. We believe that the more parties can work together to arrive at a favorable resolution, the more satisfied and happier they will be with the outcome.  This approach may be better suited to meet the needs of your family than is usually accomplised using a traditional litigation model.

Separation and Divorce
The decision to separate or divorce is difficult and the process is often painful.  Parents, though separated, will have to work together in the future to continue to raise their children. Let us help you transition from one family unit to living in separate homes.

Legal Assistance
Lisa has received training in a variety of legal models and services and can educate clients about their choices as they progress through separation.  It is our goal to assist you in choosing a process that will best suit the needs of your personal situation, whether it is litigation or an alternative form of dispute resolution.

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